Friday, 22 March 2013

Have map, will find way

 I love the concept behind the ezine Intravel.
Sections include
In good taste
In love
and best of all ...

The magazine has published a piece of mine in the 'Inept' section called 'Have map, will find way'.
I love looking at maps - I just can't read them.
My husband says it would help if I realised you actually have to follow one to know where you are on the map.
So if Tom was driving and I was 'map reading', we might have a conversation like this:
Tom: Where do we turn off?
Me: Not sure
Tom: Where are we on the map then?
Me: Don't know

Nowadays I drive and he reads the map. It works better.

Of course, when I'm on my own, I've got no choice but to read a map. This piece is about my attempt to get around Basel with a street map.
If you vote for me, I just might get paid for this piece. So, please register on the website (see lefthand tab) and vote if you like my ineptitude at map reading!
Link here:…..l-find-way

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